Only Oracle Can Deliver Pervasive Artificial Intelligence Across all Layers of the Cloud

Only Oracle Can Deliver Pervasive Artificial Intelligence Across all Layers of the Cloud

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Only Oracle Can Deliver Pervasive Artificial Intelligence Across all Layers of the Cloud

Adds Oracle AI Platform Cloud Services to Rich Portfolio of Intelligent Apps and Embedded AI

Oracle OpenWorld, San Francisco, Calif—Oct 2, 2017

Expanding its comprehensive Artificial Intelligence (AI) offerings, Oracle today announced Oracle AI Platform Cloud Service to help developers quickly create and deploy breakthrough enterprise AI services. Using the new cloud service, organizations can take advantage of deep learning to better understand enterprise data and transform corporate business processes and user experiences. 

Only Oracle can deliver a pervasive approach to AI, embedding AI into its applications, providing an AI development environment coupled with a world-class infrastructure to run specialized workloads.

The complexity and time required to set up a complete environment for work on advanced machine learning algorithms can be daunting. With today’s announcement, Oracle is making it quick and easy for developers and data scientists to set up a secure, scalable environment for new deep learning models in the cloud. Oracle Cloud has been uniquely engineered to streamline model training by leveraging customers’ essential enterprise data and operating on an industry leading high-speed network, object storage, and GPUs. Oracle AI Platform Cloud instances come pre-installed with familiar AI libraries, tools, and deep learning frameworks, including Caffe, Jupyter Notebook, Keras, NymPy, scikit-learn, and TensorFlow, among others.  Machine learning practitioners also have access to Oracle Object Store and can easily connect to existing Spark/Hadoop clusters.

“AI has the power to be more transformative for the enterprise than any other technology in recent history,” said Amit Zavery, senior vice president, product development, Oracle Cloud Platform.  “Oracle is in a unique position to deliver AI across all layers of the cloud, empowering customers to uncover and unlock critical business patterns in their enterprise data to transform organizational productivity, efficiency, and insight.”

Oracle AI Platform Cloud Service runs on world-class Oracle Cloud Infrastructure optimized for peak performance and price-performance to run specialized deep learning applications. The differentiated infrastructure layer includes NVMe flash storage and best-in-class GPUs on a 25 Gigabit network for extreme performance. In an industry standard benchmark test, Oracle was 2X more performant than Azure’s largest GPU instance and demonstrated 2.4X better price-performance than the closest AWS equivalent.(1) Oracle AI Platform Cloud Service includes a GPU Bare-Metal Shape: 2x Tesla P100 GPUs based on Nvidia’s Pascal Architecture, and will soon support the new Volta GPUs with up to 8 GPUs.

Once machine-learning models are trained, developers can access Oracle’s rich set of PaaS services to include them in AI-powered applications.

Oracle Adaptive Intelligent Applications </h3

Oracle today also announced new Adaptive Intelligent Apps that enable business users from across the organization to quickly and easily take advantage of the industry’s most powerful AI-based modern business applications. By embedding AI capabilities directly within existing Oracle Cloud Applications – including Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud, Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud, Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud and the Oracle Customer Experience Cloud Suite – Oracle eliminates the need for more integrations or other costly and time-consuming processes.

Adaptive Intelligent Apps are powered by insights from the Oracle Data Cloud, which is the largest third-party data marketplace in the world with a collection of more than 5 billion global consumer and business IDs and more than 7.5 trillion data points collected monthly. By applying advanced data science and machine learning to Oracle’s web-scale data and an organization’s own data, the new Adaptive Intelligent Apps can react, learn and adapt in real time based on historical and dynamic customer data.

Only Oracle Can Deliver a Pervasive Approach to AI

Oracle’s holistic approach enables customers to quickly employ advanced machine learning to transform their business processes. In addition to Oracle AI Platform Cloud Service, Oracle embeds ready-to-use AI and machine learning capabilities across Oracle’s SaaS, PaaS, and IOT services, including cognitive AI, analytics, data services, IT management, and security operations. Adding machine learning and cognitive interactions to traditional business processes and applications enables greatly improved user experience and productivity.

Other new AI-based solutions and services being unveiled or showcased at Oracle OpenWorld include:

  • Oracle Mobile Cloud includes conversational AI through bots to automate human interactions using natural language, sentiment, speech, images, and machine learning.
  • Oracle Autonomous Database Cloud includes machine learning to enable self-driving, and self-repairing data warehousing and OLTP to improve security and reliability.
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud allows analysts to use machine learning techniques to better visualize data and understand patterns without having to become a data scientist.
  • Oracle Security and Management Cloud includes embedded machine learning to automate detection, prevention, and response to security breaches, performance anomalies, and vulnerabilities.

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[1] Based on industry-standard SPECint_rate2006 benchmarking, a measure of multicore, multisocket workloads. Compared to AWS M4.16xlarge

[1] Based on a standard benchmark with TensorFlow as the main Neural Net Training Framework, AlexNet and Inception V3 computer vision models, and the ImageNet dataset. Compared to AWS p2.8xlarge and Azure NC24

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