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Support philosophy

OnCall DBA strives for excellence in the support it provides to all customers regardless of the organisations size or industry vertical.  Our support model is based on a collaborative pro-active approach.

Traditional DBA support model

In the traditional break-fix database support model, your interests are at odds with those of your service provider:

  • The break-fix Database support provider has no financial incentive to make your systems as stable as possible, they make money every time you have a problem.
  • They don’t invest in Pro-active monitoring and back to base alerting because there is no incentive for them to do so.
  • You don’t benefit from having a team of senior DBA’s to call upon.  It’s often a “best effort” service – response times are variable and guarantees are seldom made.
  • Your greatest Database disasters are their most profitable jobs.

OnCall DBA support model

Assists businesses to identify their Database needs

  • What do you want to be able to do?
  • What are you trying to achieve?
  • What technologies are available to help make your commercial lives easier?

If there are gaps between current infrastructure and business requirements, we can:

  • Design and quote on the most practical, cost effective way to bridge that gap.
  • Our no-nonsense approach means our solutions will utilise existing infrastructure, SQL Server Instances, licenses to the greatest extent possible without compromising performance.
  • Provide ongoing pro-active monitoring and support if required

SQL Server Deployment Planning Services

As a partner we can also provide SQL Server Deployment Planning Services (SSDPS) to customers.

SSDPS provides structured consulting engagements, delivered by qualified partners and Microsoft consultants, to conduct an in-depth assessment and develop a deployment plan for migrating to SQL Server or upgrading to new versions of SQL Server or SQL Server Business Intelligence.

Note: Your Planning Services days are based on the type and number of licenses you have with Software Assurance.  To determine eligibility go to:


The Microsoft Planning Services Partner Directory can be searched by customers at:


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